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Add a new product

WeFact offers you the possibility to create products, making it even easier to create your quotes and invoices. An already added product can be selected from a new quotation, invoice or subscription and can still be personalized as desired.

Add new product

A new product can be added to the administration in two ways.

1. Add product from menu button “Products” Navigate to the menu button “Products” to create a new product.

Enter at least a product name (for internal use) and a product description to add the product. Of course, a unit, price, product number and a VAT percentage can also be entered. Did you know that you can also easily import products from an Excel file?

2. Add product from a quote, invoice or subscription creation page

When creating a new quote, invoice or subscription, it is possible to choose an existing product or add a new product. By choosing “new product” a pop-up appears in which all data can be entered. The new product will be added to your product list.